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Write To One of Our Storytellers

Anyone can write a handwritten Letter of Hope in response to a story. Letters of Hope can be words of connection, encouragement, support, or gratitude. Tell the person why you reacted to the story, tell them their words were inspiring, or send them kind thoughts.

  • Grab a blank piece of 8.5in. x 11in. paper

  • Use a permanent marker

  • Be sure to start your letter with the phrase, "To the person that wrote about . . . " 

  • Write your letter on one side of the paper, it doesn't have to take up the whole page. If you cannot write, have a friend write it for you or type it out.

  • Please do not share your name.

  • Check for spelling and make sure people can read your writing!

  • Take a photo of your story or scan it.

  • We post all our Letters of Hope publicly. 

It may be hard to think of the words to say to someone when they share about going through hard times. Often, we are scared to hurt the person even more or say the wrong thing. But it is so important to let a storyteller know they are seen and supported. Sharing words of empathy is a powerful way to build community.