We all have personal dates and anniversaries that mark our lives. Maybe it is the day you got the diagnosis, the day you were assaulted, the day you started treatment, the day of the accident, the day you lost a loved one.


Our Holiday Of The Heart calendar is designed to bring awareness to all of these anniversaries people in Northeast Ohio carry with them, in the hopes of eliminating the stigma around struggle and motivate people to consider creating their own Holiday of the Heart calendar for the people in their lives.


If you would like to be a part of it, submit a Holiday of The Heart in the form below and we will share it on the calendar.

Thank you for being part of the community.

If you are from Northeast Ohio, please consider adding your holiday(s) of the heart to the calendar. You may submit as many Holidays of the Heart as you carry. Please follow these guidelines:


  • Tell us the date of the holiday, you don't need to include the year

  • Tell us your zip code to confirm you are from NE Ohio

  • Tell us what makes this day significant for you

  • If you would like, describe how you like to observe the day

  • The form does not automatically collect emails

  • Please, remain anonymous. 

Add a Holiday of The Heart to the Calendar:

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